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Agricultural exports by AGOA beneficiaries (combined) to United States

$ Actual, by HS2 code and program, 2000-2019 YTD, covering HS chapter 1-24, in ascending order by chapter code

Agricultural exports by AGOA beneficiary and program to United States

$ million, 2000-2019 YTD, covering HS chapter 1-24

AGOA Beneficiaries' exports of fruit, vegetables and nuts under AGOA/GSP, to United States

$ '000, 2000-2018 YTD, covering fruit, vegetable and nut products

The agriculture sector forms one of the most important economic activities in Africa. While much of agricultural production is subsistence-based or for local consumption, there has been strong growth in agriculture products being exported globally.

Africa’s international agriculture exports include citrus products, grains, nuts, fish, tobacco, cocoa, coffee, beverages, sugar, vegetables, fruit and many other agriculture categories.  These can be found on shelves in all corners of the world, and used as inputs in further processed goods.

In terms of US exports, AGOA beneficiaries exported a combined $2.4 billion worth of agriculture products during 2016, up $750 million in 2000. However, the majority of trade continues to take place under normal tariff relations, either because products do not qualify under AGOA/GSP or because products are already subject to low or no duties when entering the US.

In 2016, approximately $440m worth of qualifying AGOA/GSP agriculture products were shipped to the US from AGOA beneficiaries. This represented just short of 20% of total agriculture products from AGOA beneficiaries to the US.

Approximately 28 AGOA beneficiary countries export agriculture products to the US.  Leading exporters are Cote d’Ivoire (2016: $989m), South Africa (2016: $285m), Ghana (2016: $245m), Madagascar (2016: $237m), Ethiopia (2016: $139m) and Kenya (2016: $122m). 

Leading products exported under AGOA/GSP preference are citrus fruit (mainly oranges and mandarins), grapes, nuts (including macademia), fresh vegetables, cassava and peppers. For more detail on trade in these categories, see Table 3 alongside. 

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