Key AGOA Stats

Aggregate exports to US by AGOA beneficiaries - YTD to June 2022

+14% over 2021. Trade data covers only 2022 AGOA-eligible countries

AGOA exports - YTD to end June 2022 (+75% versus 2021; based on 2022 eligible countries)

AGOA trade represents 31% of total US-bound exports from AGOA beneficiaries.

AGOA eligible tariff-lines (incl. GSP lines and textiles)

Products that have duty-free access to the United States under AGOA (subject to Rules of Origin)

Number of AGOA beneficiaries

African countries that currently have AGOA beneficiary status (Status: January 2022)

AGOA Business Connector

A new facility to assist trade and business connections between producers, exporters, importers, sourcing agents, and trade-related service suppliers, across sub-Saharan African AGOA beneficiary countries and the United States.

>> Agriculture and Fishing Sector

>> Manufacturing

>> Services, Logistics, and Legal

Latest AGOA News

Official announcements and other news

Selection of data from the Data Center

The Data Center contains a wide range of trade data relating to AGOA and US–Sub-Saharan Africa trade.

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