Bilateral Trade Data US-AGOA Countries

US trade with AGOA beneficiary countries combined - disaggregated by sector

$ '000 / including the latest YTD data

The bilateral trade data consists of total (AGOA+non-AGOA) exports, imports, and trade deficit/surplus between the US and AGOA beneficiary countries, with African countries'  exports further disaggregated into AGOA exports as well as the share of non-GSP exports added by the AGOA legislation. 

Please visit the TRADE PROFILES link to view the individual countries' and regional groups' Trade DATA.


Notes on the data:

These trade profiles provide disaggregated trade data over the past 3 years, as well as year-to-date (YTD) data for the current year. The trade data is grouped according to the following product sections:

  1. Agricultural products
  2. Forest products
  3. Chemicals and related products
  4. Energy-related products
  5. Textiles and apparel
  6. Footwear
  7. Minerals and metals
  8. Machinery
  9. Transportation equipment
  10. Electronic products
  11. Miscellaneous manufactures
  12. Special provisions
  13. Totals


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