AGOA Data Center

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The Data Center houses key trade data relating to AGOA, and United States – Sub-Saharan Africa trade more generally. The trade data is updated periodically (usually on a monthly basis, when new data is released). Data sets include the following, and will continue to evolve and grow: 

  • Aggregate bilateral trade flow data between the US and Sub-Saharan African countries that have been granted AGOA beneficiary status
  • Aggregate AGOA and GSP export data, by country, to the US
  • Aggregated AGOA and GSP export data, by sector, to the US
  • Disaggregated AGOA apparel exports, by country and category
  • Quota utilisation rates under the AGOA apparel provisions
  • AGOA exports by sector, disaggregated into AGOA (New AGOA*) and GSP trade
  • Aggregate bilateral trade profiles since AGOA’s inception, for each AGOA beneficairy country (located in the >> Country Trade Profiles section) 
  • Bilateral trade profiles for the past 3 years, on a broad sector basis for each AGOA beneficairy country individually, with exports disaggregated into New AGOA* and ‘GSP’ (individual tables are also located in the >> Country Trade Profiles section)
  • Other sectoral data


  • New AGOA refers to trade in products that were added by the AGOA legislation and which did not previously form part of the original GSP categories, on which AGOA is based and builds on
  • All charting is dynamic: This means that by clicking on any item in the chart legend, you can activate/deactivate the series. Placing your mouse pointer over an individual data point allows you to view the actual data.