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AGOA Resources and Technical Support

There's a wealth of information and advice relating to AGOA right here on the website. However, for more technical and practical assistance relating to exporting under AGOA, and depending on which country you are based in and what economic activity you are involved in, you should consider contacting the US embassy located in your country.

A detailed list of US embassies in Africa along with their contact details and website address can be found in the AGOA Web Resources section on this site, and specifically the section on US embassies.  

The US, through the USAID, has previously funded various Trade and Investment Hubs in Africa. These were located in Accra, Ghana (West Africa Trade and Investment Hub), in Nairobi Kenya (East Africa Trade and Investment Hub) and in Gaborone Botswana (Southern African Trade and Investment Hub). Highly qualified and experienced staff and advisors are able to assist with your AGOA-related technical questions and support needs. 

It is also recommended to contact your local chamber of commerce or manufacturers' association as many of these have a specialized trade desk that may be of assistance with specific trade-related queries. Find links to chambers at the following link

Other relevant resources available on this site: 

Chambers of Commerce (Africa)

Sector Associations and Export Promotion (Africa)

Development and Finance organizations (United States)

Government departments (United States)

Regulatory authorities (United States) (relevant to licensing and authorizations, esp. relating to agricultural products)

You can also complete the form at the bottom of this page when you have a specific technical query - we will try to assist. However, be sure to access key resources on this site, including:

What is AGOA? An introduction

AGOA Guides and infographics

The AGOA product and tariff lookup tool

AGOA Country Eligibility

AGOA Rules of Origin

AGOA Rules of Origin for textile goods

Information on US quotas

Information on US trade remedies (when goods produced elsewhere are sold at less than fair value on the US market). 

The US tariff schedule - download it chapter by chapter

Document downloads (guides, reports, legislation, AGOA reviews, research etc.) - all found in the Downloads menu above. 


 AGOA webresources


video resources\





  AGOA Resources and Technical Support

Please have a look at the Web Resources section on this site - it contains web links to a number of useful resources relating to AGOA, including training videos. Other web resource sections include chambers of commerce, development and finance organisations, US government departments, regulatory authorities, African sector associations, think-tanks and general trade resources.


AGOA webresources


video resources

  AGOA Resources and Technical Support

The contact details for various regulatory authorities in the US dealing with relevant aspects of importing goods - especially agricultural products - into the US can be found in the relevant web resources section on this site.




  AGOA Resources and Technical Support

A number of countries have developed an AGOA Utilization Strategy, helping to focus them on better utilizing the benefits provided by AGOA.

Two dozen such strategies can be downloaded from this site at the following link. Guidelines on developing an AGOA strategy are available in the following document.

 agoa strategies




  AGOA Resources and Technical Support

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