AGOA - Guide to HTS classification codes for trade

Trade Law Centre (tralac)
Publication Date
27 April 2023

This guide aims to equip the reader with a better understanding of product classification codes, as used in export trade to the United States (United States imports). Classification codes are an important component of international trade transactions and must be correctly specified before goods can enter the commerce of another country. While product classification codes are based on an internationally harmonized system, for international trade purposes the classification codes are unique to each country.

For example, the classification codes used by an African AGOA beneficiary country will differ from the codes used by United States importers; exporters in AGOA-eligible countries wishing to contract with buyers in the U.S. should therefore be familiar with the U.S. classification code for their respective products, as these are used by the U.S. buyer when clearing goods through customs in the U.S.

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