US Steel and Alu tariffs - Section 232 Investigation

Eckart Naumann
Trade Law Centre (tralac)
Publication Date
30 April 2018

On 1 March 2018, US President Trump submitted the 2018 Trade Policy Agenda and 2017 Annual Report to the US Congress. This report is prepared pursuant to the US Trade Act of 1974. It provides insight into US trade policy and its likely future direction, while also providing important context to the remedial action relating to the steel and aluminium industries. 

The United States has imposed safeguard duties on the importation of hundreds of articles of steel and aluminium from 23 March 2018 onwards. These measures are based on the findings of the Section 232 investigations completed in January 2018. 

This double-sided infographic provides an overview of the status quo - while the situation remains fluid and countries and/or products may be added or removed to those subject to these tariff measures. In terms of AGOA, the S232 tariffs override any duty-free treatment provided by AGOA. 

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