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Swahili Fashion Week partners USAID & COMPETE

Swahili Fashion Week partners USAID & COMPETE
Origin Africa
Published date:
Saturday, 30 November 2013

Swahili Fashion Week is partnering with the United States Agency for International Development (USAID) Competitiveness and Trade Expansion Program (COMPETE) to host Ready to Wear Night from December 5 to 8 in Dar es Salaam, Tanzania.


USAID COMPETE's support for Swahili Fashion Week is part of its Origin Africa program. Origin Africa is a global awareness campaign to change perceptions about doing business in Africa.

Origin Africa at Swahili Fashion Week provides talented local designers with a forum showcasing their creativity and skill. Buyers will find apparel with commercial appeal and African flair featured on the runway. These designs open the door for new business and are indicative of the highly developed cotton/textile/apparel sector in East Africa. Events like Swahili Fashion Week not only reflect the growing appetite for African fashion, they also highlight Africas capacity to respond to global demand for consistently high quality, fashionable apparel that can be delivered to international retailers on time.

As part of its efforts to introduce new talent to US markets, USAID COMPETE will organize a workshop for the participating designers on Integrating Design and Marketing, featuring presentations from leading US sourcing agents and crafts consultants on the US market for apparel, crafts and home décor. The workshop will include discussions about different retail channels, brands, statistics on exports of various categories of products and useful strategies to tailor products that appeal to U.S. buyers and markets.

“We are truly excited that USAID/COMPETE is sharing their expertise. This is a one of a kind opportunity for designers to get first hand information on the hurdles to overcome in exporting to the US and it confirms that Swahili Fashion Week is becoming globally recognized as a source of East African design talent.” said Mustafa Hassanali, organizer of Swahili Fashion Week.

USAID /COMPETE works across East and Central Africa to reduce barriers to trade and to help African companies become more competitive in the regional and global marketplace. USAID/COMPETEs East and Central Africa (ECA) Trade Hub helps African businesses take advantage of trade opportunities available under the African Growth and Opportunity Act (AGOA). Over the past 18 months, the ECA Hub has facilitated nearly $25 million of exports in apparel, cut flowers, specialty foods and crafts/home decor under AGOA.

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