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Visiting US Secretary commends Uganda on AGOA

Published date:
Friday, 02 November 2012

Visiting United States Under Secretary of State of Political affairs has commended Uganda for taking advantage of the African Growth Opportunity Act, a move that has benefited the country by accelerating development.

According to Wendy R. Sherman, Uganda is singled out as one of the countries that have managed to bolster export trade courtesy of the AGOA market.

“I am pleased to see that Ugandans are increasingly able to take advantage of AGOA, and export these wonderful products to the United States. Trade boosts incomes, creates jobs, and improves skills and expertise across communities and regions,” she said.

She made the remarks on Friday during a meeting with Susan Muhwezi, the senior presidential advisor on AGOA at the AGOA offices in Kampala.

During the meeting, Sherman noted that as more Ugandans learn about the benefits of AGOA and other East African Community initiatives, she hopes to see U.S.-Uganda trade and investment increase.

Wendy implored Ugandan to ensure the U.S.-Uganda trade and investment increase by improving the business climate for foreign investors and reducing hurdles for the kinds of investments that will impact all Ugandans.

Muhwezi applauded the US Government and the American Embassy in Uganda for working closely in promotion of AGOA.

“AGOA has registered successes in Africa and even in Uganda and our imports are 6 times higher than what they were 10 years when we had just started, the middle class is growing and consumer spending is increasing,” she said.

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