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Zambia: Manufacturing sector records growth

Monday, 22 October 2012

Source: Times of Zambia

Zambia’s manufacturing sector has recorded positive growth following the increase in the number of new entrants on the market, especially companies from the United States of America.

Zambia Association of Manufacturers (ZAM) president Chance Kabaghe said that from the time the country hosted the African Growth and Opportunity Act (AGOA) forum there has been an increase in number of American companies coming to invest in the sector.

“From the time we hosted AGOA we have seen a number of big American companies coming to set up here which is a good sign in the sector and the country at large, I can safely say that during this one year period the sector has recorded positive growth,” he said.

Mr Kabaghe said that it was gratifying to not that the working relationship between Zambia and US through AGOA was growing.

Speaking in an interview, Mr Kabaghe said the manufacturing sector had gained investor confidence adding that this would result in the growth of the both the sector and the national economy.

He said that the increase in the number of companies coming to invest in the country was a clear indication that Zambia’s business had grown.

“As an association we are proud of the growth and most importantly to note that key regional international brands have come to Zambia. The other thing is that these companies are coming to partner with our local key value addition companies,” he said.

Mr Kabaghe said value addition and long-term investment were the main factor that would facilitate for desirable growth in the sector.

“We want to make a request to manufacturers in Zambia to ensure that they produce good quality products with good standards as this will reduce the cost of doing business,” Mr Kabaghe said.

He said that despite infrastructure not being one of the best in the manufacturing sector, investors had continued coming to invest as a result of good sector performance.

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