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Cote d'Ivoire: Prime Minister Ahoussou and Ambassador Carter hold talks on US bilateral relations

Published date:
Tuesday, 03 April 2012

A report in Fraternite Matin (p. 5) says that U.S assistance programs in Cote d'Ivoire were high on the agenda Monday during a meeting between Prime Minister Jeannot Ahoussou Kouadio and Ambassador Phillip Carter III. "We evaluated the assistance program in Cote d'Ivoire," the paper quotes Ambassador Carter as saying to reporters after the meeting.

According to the paper, Ambassador Carter also reaffirmed the USG's commitment to continue its assistance programs in various domains including health through the PEPFAR.

"This year, we'll contribute US $30 million as part of the PEPFAR program in Cote d'Ivoire," the state broadcaster RTI television, state AIP news agency and ONUCI FM quote Ambassador Carter as saying. Ambassador Carter is also quoted as saying that other U.S. assistance programs will focus on the reform of the security sector, good governance, reconciliation and economic growth.

"Security, good governance: United States and EU to support Cote d'Ivoire," writes Nord-Sud Quotidien (p. 6). With a picture of Prime Minister Ahoussou and Ambassador Carter shaking hands warmly, Le Nouveau Reveil (p. 6) also carries a headline reading: "United States and EU pledge to support Ahoussou;" while a prominent headline in L'Expression (p. 4) says: "Obama reaffirms his support for Cote d'Ivoire."

Le Nouveau Quotidien (p. 9) also carries a picture of President Obama with a headline reading, "The United States injects US $30 million into fight against HIV/AIDS in 2012."

With more on U.S.-Cote d'Ivoire bilateral relations, Le Nouveau Reveil (p. 6) reports that an AGOA information resources center has been opened in Abidjan. The article says that Ambassador Carter and the Minister of Commerce, Dagobert Banzio presided over the opening ceremony last Friday. "For the United States, this new center constitutes a significant step that will help companies have access to the American market," the paper quotes Ambassador as saying.

In another development, a front-page headline in L'Intelligent d'Abidjan announces that the Department of State will adjust visa application fees for immigrant and nonimmigrant visas as of April 13, 2012. The paper (p. 2) also carries the full text of a statement issued by the Embassy announcing these measures. L'Inter (p. 3), Le Nouveau Quotidien (p. 12) and the state AIP news agency also carry the statement.

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