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Zambia: FDA addressing supply, value chains under AGOA

Published date:
Monday, 08 August 2011

The Foundation for Democracy in Africa (FDA) is working with selected African Growth and Opportunity Act (AGOA) eligible countries to address the supply and value chain constraints.

The organisation will also assist eligible countries to develop distribution networks.

FDA executive director Anthony Okonmah said his organsiation was working with AGOA eligible countries to implement the recommendation made by the AGOA Civil Society in June during the forum in Lusaka.

“We are working with select AGOA eligible countries to implement the recommendations from the recent AGOA Civil Society Forum in Lusaka, Zambia; address supply chain and value chain constrains.

“We’ll develop distribution networks in the United States and leverage Miami’s access to markets in the Americas and the Caribbean to support US-Africa Trade,” he said.

Meanwhile, the FDA will launch an AfrICANDO Skills and Business Development Programme (ASBDP) next month at a US-AfricaTrade and Investment Symposium in Miami.

The programme is designed to assist small and medium enterprises across various sectors, particularly, in rural communities how to utilize the benefits of AGOA and expand their exports to the US.

“We strongly believe that this approach will increase the competitiveness of African products in the US markets and in markets in the Western hemisphere.” He said.

During AfrICANDO, producers, and buyers from Africa, the US, and countries across the western hemisphere will showcase their goods and services at the Miami Free Zone, 850,000 square feet.

The combined population of the Western Hemisphere nations is rapidly approaching one billion people, with a combined estimated Gross Domestic Product of more than US$5.16 trillion.

The AfrICANDO US-Africa-Trade and Investment Symposia have been organised annually, by the FDA, since 1997.

This year’s AfrICANDO is scheduled to take place September 15-16and is expected to bring government and business leaders to meet with their counterparts from the US and countries.

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