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Zambia: Invest in Zambia- Reserve bank urges the US

Published date:
Tuesday, 08 February 2011

Zambia's President Banda has called on the United States of America to invest in Zambia because the country is one of the most attractive investment destinations in the world.

Mr Banda has also appealed to the United States government to help Zambia improve its infrastructure, especially the road network, to meet the demands of a growing economy.

The President was speaking at State House on February 7 when visiting Assistant Secretary of State for African Affairs Jonnie Carson paid a courtesy call on him.

He called on the American business community to invest in sectors such as mining and agriculture.

President Banda said the country’s economy has continued to grow, and there is need to improve the road network.

“We would like to re-open the country to meet the growing economy,” he said.

Mr Banda said his government is grateful for the financial support the US continues to give Zambia from time immemorial, particularly that which has made it possible for Zambia to channel its resources towards other development programmes.

He said Government is particularly grateful for American aid in the health sector, especially in the fight against HIV and AIDS.

“This has made it possible for us to use our meagre resources for other development requirements,” he said.

Mr Banda also paid gratitude to the support the American government has continued to render to the Judiciary, which is held in high esteem.

“As a democratic country, we are proud of our Judiciary,” he said.

The President said the American government has continued to support Zambia in many sectors, and the Zambian government is looking forward to the warm relations, which have existed since 1964, to grow even stronger.

And Mr Carson said he is hopeful the African Growth and Opportunity Act (AGOA) Forum scheduled to take place in June this year will attract a large number of the American business community.

He said the forum, expected to take place in Zambia, will put the country in the spotlight in particular, and Africa as an emerging market to invest and expand trade.

Mr Carson also hoped the forum will attract a large number of American officials.

He said America also looks forward to working with the Zambian government under programmes such as Feed the Future and Climate Change, which are important to both countries.

Mr Carson said the success of a nation depends on its commitment, which Zambia has shown.

He said Zambia must continue maintaining the strength of its democracy, and ensuring services are delivered to its people.

“The partnership between Zambia and America has been possible because of the excellent relations that have existed between Washington and Lusaka,” he said.

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