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Zambia: Trade organisation notes under-exploitation of US honey market

Published date:
Tuesday, 13 July 2010

'Transitional Trade' executive director Jacqueline Musiitwa has observed that Zambian businessmen have not fully utilised the honey market in the United States.

Transitional Trade is an American market linkage organisation that operates in post-conflict African countries like Liberia and Rwanda.

In an interview on Friday, Musiitwa said the market for honey in the US was abundant, and wondered why Zambian businessmen had not taken advantage of the provisions of the Africa Growth Opportunity Act (AGOA) to export honey to that country.

The AGOA was introduced by the US government to liberalise trade with Africa and allow the latter to have more access to its market.

Musiitwa disclosed that the organisation was engaging the Zambia Development Agency (ZDA) in talks aimed at identifying small-scale businessmen who could be linked to the American honey market and other sectors.

“There is also of negative portraying of Africa in the Western media and psychic in general. Everyone thinks of corruption and disease when Africa is mentioned such that no one is hearing positive things about Africa in the USA and showing the many opportunities for investments,” she said.

“We will help SMEs to access capital through partnerships with American firms and focus on linking them to investors that have money to engage African products that could be profitable. Specifically, we are looking at honey production in North Western and Southern provinces. Honey is easy. That is an area that Zambia has not fully tapped into. Opportunities are there. We are talking to ZDA to make sure that the message is heard across the country.”

She said her organisation was interested in linking Zambians to financiers in the USA for projects that were beneficial to local communities.

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