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Angola: Country wants to diversify export to US

Published date:
Monday, 28 June 2010

The Angolan Government will export, soon, agriculture and agro-industrial products to the United States of America (USA) to where it now exports oil and gas in order to diversify its exports profile.

The information was given during a press conference by the Angolan and United States Government representatives after the opening session of the trade and investments council held under an agreement on trade and investments called TIFA.

According to the representative of US delegation, Florie Lizer, her country intends to diversify and strengthen US trade with Angola and improve the environment of investments to bring American businessmen to Angolan market.

Florie Lizer complained about certain tariff barriers and business environment that somehow retracts American businessmen interested to invest in Angola.

About the agreement on trade and investment (TIFA), Florie Lizer said that the protocol aims to contribute to expand the bilateral trade and the partnership between Angolan and American companies.

The Angolan deputy minister for trade, Archer Mangueira said that Angola has potentials to export banana, pineapple, honey, coffee, fish, wood and granite and other goods.

According to the official, with the projects and programmes of the Angolan government, aimed to stimulate the economy and reconstruct of the country, Angola will be able to export various products to the United States through facilities of the African Growth Opportunities Act (AGOA).

The deputy minister for trade said that TIFA also foresees agreements in the sectors of transports, communications, energy and water to make it more competitive.

Archer Mangueira said that the government is working to improve the business environment in Angola, already visible with the approval of the new customs tariff and the law of foreign investments.

Signed in 2009, TIFA is a bilateral consultative mechanism of the US government for the promotion of trade and investments that could lead, in the future, to signing of an agreement on promotion and reciprocal protection of investments and free trade agreements.

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