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Ethiopia - TPLF Owned textile factory begins exporting product to US

Friday, 27 November 2009


Almeda textile factory, which is owned by the ruling party in Ethiopia, announced that it has begun exporting its products to Europe and the United States. The State-run Ethiopian News Agency (ENA) reported that a team led by Trade and Industry State Minister Tadesse Haile has visited the factory.

Briefing the team, Factory Manager, Razvan Tonele said the factory has started exporting its products to Germany, Italy and the USA.

The manager said the factory produces more than 40,000 jeans, T-shirts and other products a day. Established 14 years ago, the factory has 3,400 employees, he said.

In a related news, Ethiopia’s main opposition party criticized a U.S. aid program for helping a textile plant with ties to the country’s ruling party win a multimillion dollar contract from an American company, Bloomberg news reported. On Nov. 19, the U.S. Agency for International Development- funded AGOA Plus said it brokered a contract worth as much as $30 million annually between Jackson, Mississippi-based Atlas Manufacturing Group and Almeda Textile. Almeda is part of a group of companies that was founded and is controlled by members of Ethiopia’s ruling party.

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