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Brazilians may invest in chicken farming in Mozambique - AGOA benefits?

Published date:
Friday, 10 July 2009

Brazilian businesspeople may invest in industrial chicken production in Mozambique in order to meet domestic demand and supply the regional and international market (for example under AGOA) at competitive prices, Mozambican newspaper Notícias reported.

With significant investment in the area of technology, Brazil in the last few years has become a benchmark in the world for production and export of chicken, and thus is believed that its experience could help to reduce problems in the market supply at competitive prices that is faced in Mozambique, the paper said.

Average monthly production of chicken meat in Mozambique is estimated at around 4,000 tonnes, as compared to an average monthly consumption of around 5,000 tonnes.

In the last few days a group of Brazilian businesspeople, with interests in several business area including poultry production, construction and biofuel has made contacts with a view to establishing partnerships for investments in Mozambique.

At a seminar held Thursday in Maputo, attended by Mozambican and Brazilian businesspeople as well as representatives from the governments of both countries, interest was shown in setting up partnerships to take advantage of the potential in both countries.

The Minister for Industry and Trade, António Fernando invited Brazilian businesspeople to establish themselves in the country, considering that this will be one of the ways of accessing a domestic market with over 20 million consumers, as well as the regional market, with over 250 million consumers.

According to Fernando, investment in Mozambique would also make it possible for Brazilians to access the US market via AGOA, a US initiative to give products from developing countries such as Mozambique access to the US market free of quotas and tariffs, as well as to other large markets such as the European Union, China and India.

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