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Doing business with USA under AGOA... Experts moot new selling mantra

Friday, 10 April 2009

Source: Defi Media

GCM and Associates Inc, USA, boss Jean Claude Mazingue explains that times are changing and the crisis will reshape the way US consumers will buy for a long time and Mauritius must adapt and seize the opportunities that these changes will bring.

“US citizens will change their ways of buying, living and consuming. We must know who are the buyers of tomorrow. What they are doing and in what way their buying habits will change. To do so, Mauritius businesses must review their marketing strategies and focus their attention on the fact that US consumers will buy less, but will buy products of better quality,” says Mazingue.

He reminds that the US market is different from the traditional European market. Marketing strategies used in Europe will not work in the States, he says.

“Europe is your natural output market and Mauritius has been very successful, but being successful in Europe does not mean being successful in the US. There are two very important issues that US buyers seek: precision work and specifications compliance. Do not compromise on this,” says Mazingue.

In his view, Mauritian entrepreneurs could do well in the USD 100 billion clothing market. He advises that entrepreneurs lay emphasis on trendy clothes by keeping up to date on latest fashions and colours. “Clothing must be elegant and trendy and prices should be in between $6-15. This is a very attractive market for Mauritius. To penetrate this market, it is recommended to invest in marketing to gain visibility in the market,” he says.

According to Mazingue, most US companies are small and medium, and are people who are specialised and dedicated in what they do, which runs in favour of local firms, as there will be a shared mentality and mindset. “You should capitalise on this as there are many similarities. Do not be intimidated by the US market,” he says.