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Gambia: AGOA training seminar opens in Banjul Friday

Friday, 14 November 2008

Source: Afrique en ligne

A two-day training seminar on the US Government Agricult ure Growth and Opportunity Act (AGOA) programme will be held here 14 and 15 November. The US Embassy in Banjul, in collaboration with USAID, the West Africa Trade Hub (WATH) and the government of the Gambia, put the seminar together, sources confirmed to PANA Thursday.

“The objective of the seminar is to enhance the capacity of key beneficiaries of the AGOA programme in order to ensure effective and optimal utilization of the business opportunities AGOA is offering to the Gambia,” sources stated.

According to the sources, the programme avails Gambian business outfits, especia lly those involved in textile businesses, to export textile products to the US under the framework of the AGOA programme.