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US imports from Tanzania declines by $57.2m in 2008

Published date:
Monday, 27 October 2008

Trade between Tanzania and the United States declined by 57.2 million dollars over the last eight months, a fall of about 10 million dollars recorded a similar period last year, APA learnt here Sunday.

Statistics obtained at the US foreign trade division here, said the 2008 exports were lower than that of 2007, although there was a fall of imports from the United States.

During the eight months of 2008, Tanzania exported goods and services worth 97.7 million dollars down from 100.5 million dollars recorded in 2007.

The US exports to Tanzania increased to 40.2 million dollars during the first two quarters of the year compared with 33.5 million dollars recorded at the same period last year.

Trade analysts say the performance of Tanzania trade with the US is still low in spite of the country’s abundant trade opportunities provided by bi-lateral and multi-lateral arrangements.

They include Africa Growth Opportunity Act (Agoa) and other preferential trade arrangement with quota and duty free.

Available statistics show that Tanzania has already exported goods worth $34.8 million through Agoa by July this year, higher that $27.5 million recorded in 2007.

Overall Tanzanian exports under AGOA have grown by 85 percent in the first eight months of 2007 major products being cut-flowers, seeds, semi-manufactured goods, gold, semi-processed gemstones and clothing.

The duty-free export incentives in terms of AGOA are for a period of eight years and the arrangement is set to expire this year.

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