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Ghana: Country ready for upcoming AGOA conference?

Friday, 06 July 2007

Source: Ghanaian Chronicle (Accra)

This beautiful country of Osagyefo, Dr. Kwame Nkrumah hosted the just ended and much-touted 9th Africa Heads of States and Governments' Summit of the African Union (AU) in Accra. ( Editorial from the Ghanaian Chronicle, Accra )

It was a feather to our political history that while our sitting President, John Agyekum Kufuor presides over this West African country of ours, he can acclaim to be the Father of Africa, being the present Chairman of the AU.

The country's current position on the international scene is something we, as Ghanaians should be very proud of, for if such respects are coming from the international community, then we have to guide our reputation in certain things we do here if we are meeting people outside our domain at important international conferences and fora.

And this is where The Chronicle is a bit afraid as to whether we are very well prepared to receive the august visitors from the world, who will be in Accra for the African Growth and Opportunities (AGOA) Act conference, which will be held in the Ghanaian capital, Accra, from July 16 to 19.

Interestingly, we have the logistics to face the upcoming conference to be attended by these very important personalities from the world. But The Chronicle is very apprehensive because of the blunders exhibited by the country's protocol department and the security agencies at the just ended African Summit.

It just a shame that Ghana's name became a laughing stock on the international media scenes because of the failure of a whole Ministry - The Ministry of Information and National Orientation - could not co-ordinate its role, as a professional institution worth of applauding, with both the local media and those from outside with the AU and the country's security set up, thereby putting the country in a situation never seen before at any international conference ever held in this country.

Everything at the conference centre was chaotic to the extent that even the Policemen, who were part of the security apparatus, complained bitterly of not being fed throughout their positionings at the Summit venue and yet we claimed to be the gateway of the West Africa Sub-Region.

We have a long way to go and the Accra Summit should open our eyes to avoid making these elementary mistakes before foreign dignitaries. Those charged to make the AGOA conference a success should start learning their lessons now not to shame the country again for Mrs. Obodai Sai Coffie, Deputy Minister of Information and National Orientation to come to mea culpa to the men and women of the Inky Fraternity, who are very important to society but whom some do not respect and recognised.

AGOA will be the next text case and we hope the Ministry of Information and all those who matter in organising the conference, will not give us another headache as we experienced at the AU Summit.

The Chronicle is not a prophet of doom but it is better for that person in the corner to be also listened to, for no matter the position of that forlorn person, he or she is also a human being with a certain amount of wisdom.

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