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Export to the US, Rwandans Urged

Published date:
Saturday, 03 March 2007

Rwandans will be tipped on how to exploit more the African Growth and Opportunity Act (AGOA). Agoa has expanded duty-free access to more than 6,400 African products to U.S markets. But currently Rwanda exports only handicraft Agoa since the country joined Agoa in 2000. According to a press release from USAID, this will be discussed in a two day workshop on the U.S AGOA scheduled 5th to 6th this month at SERENA Hotel in Kigali. The workshop is sponsored by the U.S Embassy and USAID in collaboration Rwanda Private Sector and RIEPA.

The release states that the workshop working under the theme 'Exporting to the US, taking advantage of AGOA is designed to educate export or near export or near export-ready Rwandan entrepreneurs on the advantages and challenges of expanding their markets.

On the programme speakers will discuss exporting to the U.S Rwandan perspective, its success stories, how to qualify for AGOA, finding markets in the US, and understanding the US consumer's desires. In the sessions of agribusiness, handicrafts, apparel leather goods and mining.

During the second day of the workshop, the will discuss US, Rwanda trade relations, export certifications and Visas, financing exports, and available resources for assistance.

AGOA's objective was to promote economic development and expedite integrating African economies into the world system.

Through three companies are using the opportunity, including Modis International, Gahaya Links and Avega Agahozo all exporting handicraft products to the US market.

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