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Tanzania: Country Struggles to Benefit from Preferential Trade Opportunities

Published date:
Tuesday, 07 November 2006

Tanzanian businesses have not exploited export potentials and trade opportunities that abound the country.

A visiting Azania Holding Company delegate Ms Mymoena Davids,which is one of America's biggest commercial establishments, told the Daily News in Dar es Salaam yesterday that neighbouring countries were cheated by exporting Tanzania's products through their countries.

"You are surrounded by countries with businessmen who are experienced in export trade and international businesses," the delegate noted.

She said Tanzania has abundant investment opportunities and potentials, which were yet to be realised by local traders.

"I have learnt that Tanzania's products are collected here and re-exported to Europe through neighbouring countries," she said, giving an example of coffee.

Ms Davids said the country is politically stable, safe with low crime record.

Tanzania was also named by the World Bank as among the top ten countries, which are undertaking economic reforms successfully.

According to the delegate, more efforts should be made to promote trade and investments in the country.

She also said Tanzania's local businessmen needed education on AGOA opportunities.

Contacted to comment on export trade, the acting Director of Export Promotion at the Board of External Trade (BET), Mr Edwin Rutageruka said more emphasis were presently made on the capacity building for local exporters.

"We have already established Export Production Villages in Morogoro where spices are manufactured," he said.

He said BET has also introduced Product Development Initiatives programme geared towards increasing the quality of products for exports.

The Chairman of Tanzania Private Sector Foundation (TPSF), Mr Musiba said the delegate's visit to Tanzania was aimed at making a follow up of president Kikwete's trip to the US.

"She has met a number of local entrepreneurs and several government officials, conducting seminars on how local traders can benefit from AGOA and Overseas Private Investments Corporation (OPIC)," Mr Musiba explained.

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