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Chinese Apparel Exports To US Surge 546% In January

Tuesday, 08 March 2005


According to Chinese Customs data, exports of major apparel products from China into the US market increased by an average of 546 per cent in January 2005 over January 2004.

The figures, which show the impact of China’s release from quota control as a result of joining the World Trade Organisation, also highlight the fact that Chinese prices have fallen by as much as 45 per cent.

The largest export increases were in cotton knit shirts and trousers, which were up 1,836 per cent and 1,332 per cent respectively.

China shipped nearly 27 million cotton trousers last month, up from 1.9 million in January 2004, when China was still under quota control. China also shipped 18 million cotton knit shirts in January, compared to 941 thousand knit shirts in January 2004.

According to Chinese export figures, January 2005 prices for cotton knit shirts from China were down 45 per cent and cotton trousers were down 28 per cent. The average price decline in January for all the safeguard categories was 25 per cent.

China’s surge comes in eight product groups that represent the major employment and production sectors of the US yarn and fabric industry.

The US industry has asked the US government to initiate safeguard actions against China in these categories in order to prevent large job losses. Threat-based safeguard petitions filed by the industry last year have been stalled by a legal challenge.