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Swaziland: Factories lay off workers as US delays AGOA extension

Published date:
Monday, 26 April 2004

Apparel Tri-star (U) Ltd, a company exporting garments to the United States under AGOA, has recruited another 800 girls to work in its second factory.

Uganda"We have recruited another 800 girls for our second factory which is opening in May. Because we had limited capacity, we couldn't meet all the demand. Now, with additional labour force, we should be able to satisfy the demand in the US market, the company's chief executive officer, Villupilai Kananathan, said on Saturday.

He said 470 of the 800 girls had already undergone a two-month training while others were still on training at the company's training institute.

"Some girls were trained in Sri- Lanka for three months in specialised textile manufacture," said Kananathan.

Kananathan, whose company is spearheading textile production for US market under the tariff and quota free African Growth and Opportunities Act, said the factory would employ 2,000 girls by the end of May.

Over 50 girls were queuing for interviews when The New Vision visited the factory on Saturday.

An empty space measuring about 31,500 square feet was converted into the second factory.

"Tri-Star is not only employing these girls but has also developed their skills to enable them continue with their work when they go back to their homes," said Kananathan.

The company dismissed 298 girls at its factory last year, citing indiscipline and influence from trade unionists.

Kananathan said they had pending orders with US leading chain stores to end of October for pants, trousers, T-shirts and track suits. The company is to supply garment worth $10m to the US.

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