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Ugandan President Writes to Bush Over AGOA

Published date:
Thursday, 08 April 2004

Sierra Leone's Information and Broadcasting Minister, Prof. Septimus Kaikai, has called on Sierra Leoneans to use the Africa Growth and Opportunity Act (AGOA) to market locally made textiles and garments in the United States.

"The use of AGOA can help to fight poverty, create job opportunities, elevate wages for Sierra Leoneans and improve the country's economy." The minister made these disclosure at a special press conferences on 'Sierra Leone's Acquisition of the AGOA Textile and Garments Visa' held on Monday 5th April 2004.

The Minister of Trade and Industry, Dr. Kadi Sesay said her ministry has been preparing the necessary legal and other instruments as part of the process of application for the US Government Visa that qualifies Sierra Leone to export garments and textile to the US market duty and quota free.

She informed pressmen that the visa has been granted after a decision by the US Secretary for Trade, Ambassador Zoellick.

"This means Sierra Leone can now start to export textiles and garments from local fabric companies like Sayenu, Swank, Akwaba, Fatimbo and many others, who can now organize themselves and work with my ministry to secure orders from US companies," Dr. Sesay said.

She also revealed that an AGOA secretariat has been set up at her ministry where enquires can be forwarded.

The U.S. Ambassador, Peter Chaveas called on Sierra Leoneans to take advantage of the opportunity offered them as he was certain that the Ministry of Trade and Industry will engage with its American counterparts to forward the request and monitor support.

The Head of the AGOA secretariat at the ministry, Abubakarr Kabay said AGOA will operate under the ministry and the NRA, adding that the producers should first register with the Secretariat before proceeding to customs.

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