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The Future of the (South African) Orange Looks Rosy

Monday, 05 April 2004

Source: New Vision (Kampala)

Ugandan organic exports have taken US markets by storm, Susan Muhwezi, the special presidential assistant on the African Growth Opportunity Act (AGOA) has said.

Muhwezi said this in a presentation read for her by the AGOA-Uganda commercial officer, Hashim Wasswa at the International Conference Centre.

"Reports from those who went for the Natural Foods Expo in Washington recently reveal that they have been bombarded by enquiries about their products. Some are already doing business in the US albeit with some difficulties," she said.

Some of the products exhibited were, vanilla, cotton, vegetables, dried fruits, honey and coffee among others.

The exhibitors also met officials from the US department of agriculture.

Muhwezi said US, which has the largest world consumption (51% North America) sells organic products through natural food stores, conventional grocery stores and direct consumer markets.

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