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AGOA Adviser Whitaker Defends Business Deal With Uganda

Published date:
Monday, 22 March 2004

President Yoweri has announced he ordered the sacking of about 200 girls working at Tri-Star Apparels factory in Bugolobi.

Museveni said he feared their strike would send the wrong signals to potential investors.

Uganda"I sacked those girls because of indiscipline and their action would have scared off investors who had plans of setting up businesses here. They would have thought that the labour force in Uganda is undisciplined," he said on Sunday at the inauguration of the district women and youth councils.

Tri-Star Apparels exports garments to the United States under the African Growth and Opportunity Act.

Agoa allows selected African countries to export apparels quota and duty-free to the United States.

The firm came under the spotlight last October after 298 of its female employees went on strike protesting the poor working conditions.

The Managing Director of Tri-Star Apparels, Mr Vellupillai Kananathan fired nearly all the girls whom he considered troublemakers.

Ugandan President MuseveniMuseveni justified the sacking saying that high levels of indiscipline among the labour force are a barrier to foreign investment.

At the same function, the president directed the ministry of Education and Sports together with Finance to start a career guidance campaign to help the youth select marketable courses.

"You should give career guidance to our young people so they take courses that will get them jobs," he said, adding, "With these marketable skills now it will be the duty of government to bring here investors who will not find problems in recruiting you," he said.

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