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South African Oranges a Top Performer under AGOA

Wednesday, 10 March 2004

Source: Angola Press Agency (Luanda)

Business opportunities between Angolan and US businesses, as well as others can rise significantly within two years, should the norms of cooperations be publicised more widely.

This was said today in Luanda by the director of the commercial liaison agency for East and West Africa Common Market (Comesa), Moses Simemba, during a seminar on business opportunities between Angolan and US business people. Speaking to Angop, Moses Simemba said as well that one of the hindrances to business between the business classes from both countries is the poor publicity.

Luanda, AngolaHe said also that this factor, in addition to others, prompts a major volume of foreign business in the country, as compared to Angolan investments in America or other parts of the world.

In order to improve this situation, a panorama that guarantees important mutual benefits should be created with the publicising of commercial initiatives with a view to mobilising the local business sector.

The Comesa director is in the country at the invitation of the US embassy to run two seminars on business opportunities between African and US business people, particularly between American and Angolans.

His visit is part of the foment of the AGOA business policies - African Business Opportunity Agencies whose aim is to facilitate the relationship between Angolan and US businesses.

Among AGOA objectives is the promotion of trade and investments between the US and the African countries south of Sahara and Participate in the economic reforms.

Angola started to be accepted by AGOA member countries in December 2003.

One of the main requirements for a country to become member of the AGOA programmes has to do with the liberalisation of the economic market.

AGOA is an initiative of the US Government to increase the trade opportunities with selected African partners.

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