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AGOA Trade Bills May Now Be Harmonised

Published date:
Thursday, 04 March 2004

The parliamentary committee on industrial relations has summoned all Apparels Tri-Star Uganda senior officials to answer questions relating to the welfare of workers and the performance of the company.

UgandaThis follows yesterday's throwing out of the company's human resource manager, Teddy Mbabazi, for time wasting.

The members also wished to know Tri-Star's compliance with national and international labour laws and the Africa Growth and Opportunity Act regulations.

Mbabazi, who was appearing before the committee to answer queries on the company's industrial relations following October's strike, talked of the company in glowing terms. She said contrary to history, Tri-Star had no human resource problem.

She said the firm had good safety, health, anti discrimination and anti-harassment policies.

Mbabazi said the employees were contractual, received timely payment, had four meals a day and the freedom to unionise.

However, committee chairperson John Wagonda Mugili (Buikwe North) said Tri-Star had denied 1,270 boys and girls the chance to join the Uganda Allied Textile Workers Union.

Teopista Ssenabulya (Workers) said female employees were subjected to sexual harassment and 11 of them had been summarily dismissed.

The committee said Mbabazi had no useful information and was wasting their time. They told her to leave with instructions for her bosses to attend in person.

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