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Investor Plans $40m for Organic Cotton

Published date:
Thursday, 05 June 2003

One of US' largest garment dealers under AGOA initiative, John Sporidis, is to invest over $40m ( about sh80b)in the spinning, weaving and spinning knitting sectors of the local textile industry. This is intended to revamp and expand the industry to meet the demands of American buyers reports Raymond Mikah.

Sporidis together with Rosa Whitaker, former US official in charge of AGOA who have been touring Uganda's textile industries, said last week work to install machinery will start in three months time.

He said weaving and knitting will complete the whole process of garment manufacture in Uganda and will speed up delivery to the US.

"I have travelled to several African countries, but they lack something special, organic cotton and other organic products that your country Uganda has. We need to complete and speed up the whole garment production to avoid delays," an excited Sporidis told Business Vision last Friday.

Sporidis disclosed this after a press briefing called by Whitaker and Susan Muhwezi, held at Worker' House. Muhwezi is a special Presidential adviser on AGOA and trade.

Sporidis said the major problem facing Uganda and other African countries is lack of capacity and high transport costs due to the problem of being land-locked.

You are here: Home/News/Article/Investor Plans $40m for Organic Cotton