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US Picks Uganda for $475m 'AGOA' Facility

Published date:
Thursday, 05 June 2003

The United States has selected Uganda, among other African countries, to benefit from a $475m facility that will be used to support projects that are participating in the African Growth and Opportunity Act (AGOA) export arrangement.

Rosa Whitaker, a former senior trade official in the US government in charge of AGOA, said last week $125m will come from a special Citibank fund and $350m from the Millenium Challenge Fund Account.

"The funds are meant to support projects that produce products that enter duty-free and quota free to the US market with an objective of boosting development in Africa.

"Uganda is among the African countries that have been selected by the US to benefit from this fund," she said last Friday. She was meeting recently with Uganda Investment Authority-Uganda Women Entreprenuers Network (UIA-WEN) at the UIA offices.

"When President Yoweri Museveni comes to the US this month, he will hold discussions with US government officials on the projects that will be started and supported in Uganda and the specific amount that is available for Ugandan entreprenuers, but all depends on the project proposals that will be presented," Whitaker said.

She said that since AGOA emphasises support to agro-processing sectors, Uganda women entreprenuers can use this opportunity to present project proposals.

"AGOA emphasises support to agro-processing sectors where even most women are employed, like in agriculture that employs 80% of Ugandan women. So its now that you should start developing project ideas that will be supported.

"I recommend that women involved in one sector, like production of soft drinks, come together and market their products to the US market by attending sector trade shows." Whitaker said. During her one week stay, Whitaker visited the local garment factories.

You are here: Home/News/Article/US Picks Uganda for $475m 'AGOA' Facility