Report on a survey of AGOA’s past, present and future prospects

Stephen Karingi, Laura Páez, Derrese Degefa
Publication Date
29 June 2012

Abstract: Eleven years after it entered into force, the African Growth and Opportunity Act (AGOA), a unilateral preference scheme of the US to promote trade and investment, Sub-Saharan member States subject to this scheme have requested an evaluation of AGOA. The present report documents the main findings of a survey undertaken by UNECA, AUC and RECs on a continental level, to assess how AGOA eligible countries are benefiting from the preferences conferred to them under AGOA. Among the main findings, an important share of respondents to the survey reported having experienced employment, trade, investment creation thanks to AGOA. There was evidence that AGOA has been beneficial, but its full potential has not been realised. Therefore, in order to tap into these reported benefits the great majority of respondents are of the view that AGOA needs to be revised. Among others, requirements and restrictions need to be relaxed and the scheme needs to be extended beyond 2015, for beneficiaries to maximize employment, trade, investment and regional integration related gains. 

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