Trade Report - Southern Africa's Trade with the United States

Trade Law Centre (tralac)
Publication Date
27 June 2022

This trade data report provides insights into the trade flows between a number of Southern African AGOA beneficiary countries and the United States. 

The data is based on official U.S. import statistics. A general overview is provided with aggregate two-way trade between the Southern African country and the U.S. (imports, exports, balance of trade), in tabular and chart format. A second chart categorizes U.S. imports with each country by import category (AGOA, no preferences claimed, etc.). 

For each country, trade data by sector is shown for the past three years (2019-2021), along with 2022 data for the first quarter. This includes imports and exports, and further distinguishes U.S. imports by aggregate and by share of AGOA/GSP preference. 

Disaggregated data tables for each country show U.S. imports by HTS 4-digit classification, in descending order by value, irrespective of a product’s preference status. This provides greater insight into the leading tariff lines being imported into the U.S. from the country concerned. The final data table shows only products that entered the U.S. duty-free under AGOA/GSP preference, for each country, and indicates which tariff lines (at the HTS 8-digit level) are benefiting from these trade preferences.  

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