AGOA law 114-27: Trade Preferences Extension Act of 2015 (AGOA renewal legislation 2015-2025)

United States Congress
US Government Publishing Office
Publication Date
29 June 2015

PUBLIC LAW 114 - 27 - TRADE PREFERENCES EXTENSION ACT OF 2015 (AGOA 2015-2012 extension).

This is the AGOA 2015-2025 renewal legislation as signed into law. It is based on Bill H.R. 1295.


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42 U.S.C. 1395m and 1395x
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HOUSE REPORTS: No. 114-71 (Comm. on Ways and Means).
Apr 15, considered and passed House.
May 14, considered and passed Senate, amended.
June 11, House concurred in Senate amendments with an 
June 24, Senate concurred in House amendment with an 
June 25, House concurred in Senate amendment.
June 29, Presidential remarks.



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