Tanzania response to petition OOCR

Adolf F. Mkenda
Tanzania Ministry of Industry Trade and Investment
Publication Date
03 July 2017

(1) The EAC Decision on clothing is a legitimate decision meant to industrialize the region by using abundant raw materials [cotton, textile] as one of the top priorities in the region. The Decision takes into account the EAC industrialization policy approved by the EAC Summit in November 2011 which aims at transforming the region into modern industrial economies through high value addition industries an increase in manufactured exports, thereby promoting employment and purchasing power, product diversification and increased linkages with other economic sectors. 

(2) The EAC Decision is yet to be implemented. Therefore, there is no scientific proof that changes in the trade pattern and other macroeconomic variable [jobs, trade patterns, shipping etc] were caused by the EAC decision to phase out importation of second hand clothing and leather as pointed out in the petition and therefore the claim cannot be justified. 

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