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AGOA provides duty-free market access to the United States for qualifying products produced in designated Sub-Saharan African beneficiary countries. It does this by extending duty-free preferences previously available under the US Generalised System of Preferences (GSP), while also adding many additional tariff lines that were not previously GSP-eligible. Virtually all GSP tariff lines have therefore also received the 'D' classification, which in the US tariff code denotes AGOA eligibility (i.e. duty-free preferences).

In addition, AGOA also provides duty-free access to textiles and apparel subject to the wearing apparel provisions, having their own requirements and associated rules of origin. Textiles (of chapter 50-60 and 63) are AGOA eligible only when produced and exported by a ‘lesser developed’ AGOA beneficiary country. Wearing apparel (of chapters 61,62) is granted duty-free status within a number of different rules of origin categories, each with their own special classification. It is therefore important to note that while Chapters 50-63 (with few exceptions) are not denoted ‘D’ in the general classification database, any AGOA trade takes place under the special classification sub-headings 9819.xx (please use the third drop-down column menu below to filter Ch 98 textiles and apparel categories for AGOA purposes.

The database list below is searchable by HTS tariff code, tariff line description, AGOA status, GSP status, and United States import tariff (MFN and non-MFN). The MFN tariff applies to US imports from almost all countries with which the US maintains normal tariff relations (i.e. do not involve AGOA preferences, where applicable). Many countries that qualify for MFN rates may also qualify for preferential duty rates under a variety of special trade agreements, such as AGOA.

The non-MFN tariff only applies to a small number of countries, i.e. currently Cuba, North Korea, Russia and Belarus.

AGOA-status: Classified D (but take note of textiles and apparel references, which do not use 'D')

GSP-status: A (eligible for all GSP countries), A+ (eligible for least developed beneficiary countries only), A* (not eligible for certain GSP beneficiaries per General Note 4 of the tariff schedule - there are currently no African countries on this list)

Link to the US tariff schedule by Chapter, as well as relevant Notes.

AGOA-eligibility for textiles and apparel: see relevant sections under sub-headings HTS9819

Please note

This database is being provided as an advisory tool only. The content is sourced from the US International Trade Commission (USITC). For complete legal product descriptions and proclaimed tariff rates to be used on customs documents, please verify with the USITC as well as any supplementary information and customs regulations.

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You are here: Home/About AGOA/AGOA Products and Tariff Lookup Tool