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Ethiopia: Textile, Apparel Industry Receive Morale Boosts

Tuesday, 23 November 2004

Source: The Daily Monitor (Addis Ababa)

Amid various measures being taken to enhance the outreach of the Ethiopian export sector, a fact finding trade mission from the US is here and seems to have landed on a major meeting point between exporters and buyers in the Ethiopian and American context.

In a meeting organized the Addis Ababa Chamber of Commerce (AACC), in collaboration with the Ethiopia-American Chamber of Commerce (EACOC) in partnership with the Consulate General of Ethiopia in Los Angeles, the Africa/USA International Chamber of Commerce and Industry (AfUSA) and African Bridge, Inc., members of the trade community in Ethiopia left the hall looking to a rather slim glimmer of hope that was given to them by the business delegation from the United States.

The goals of the mission as it was learnt are to open avenues of trade between Southern California businesses and Ethiopia-based businesses.

Bobby E. Hines, International Trade Specialist with the US Department of Commerce said during the discussion that Ethiopian firms engaged in export, especially those engaged in textile industry had a very good chance of getting into the US market since there was demand.

Though this idea was firmly confirmed by Al Washington, Executive Director, Africa-USA International Chamber of Commerce, some reluctant businessmen were heard saying that entering the market was difficult. "We may have the goods that are demanded by the western world, but we lack the quality to meet the demands, and we certainly lack the technology to meet a certain amount of order that we might be able to receive," one participant said.

The business delegates, some of whom represented a few international markets, answering to the call of the EACOC were also optimistic of the future of Ethiopian exporter in the international trade stage; textile industry, cotton and leather industries were the main targets by the trade specialists present at the meeting.

There will be buyers ready, Mr. Hines continued, to initiate negotiations for a wide range of goods and services including: farming equipment; food processing equipment and consulting; construction materials; construction projects; and transport equipment, consulting and more.

The EACOC is also planning to hold meetings with the leaders of the African Union, Pan African Parliament, The United Nations and COMESA.

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